Permanent Address:

695, Malancha Road

Hazinagar, 24 Parganas (N)

West Bengal - 743135


Phone: 033-25885951

Mobile: +91-9804281923




Current Position:

Bachelor of Information Technology, 4th Year

Jadavpur University


Objective: To obtain a position in a leading software company


Academic Qualification:









Higher Secondary




B.Info.Tech 1st Year

Jadavpur University



B.Info.Tech 2nd Year

Jadavpur University



B.Info.Tech 3rd Year

Jadavpur University




Technical Skills:

·         Sound technical knowledge and clear understanding of the subjects

·         Ability to apply theoretical knowhow to solve practical problems efficiently

·         Ability to think out of the box in unusual situations


Programming Languages Known:

·         C, C++, Java

·         C#, .NET

·         HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XSLT

·         SQL, PL/SQL

·         Shell Script, Batch Programming

·         MatLAB


Tools/Libraries Used:

·         GTK, GTK++, QT, Glade

·         Lex, YACC, Flex, Bison

·         JSP, JDBC, Boost

·         Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, Dreamweaver

·         Sony Soundforge


Soft Skills:

·         Willingness to learn and share knowledge

·         Ability to work efficiently in a team

·         Excellent leadership and motivational skills


Languages Known:

·         English (Read, Write, Speak)

·         Bengali (Read, Write, Speak)

·         Hindi (Speak, Read)



·         Automatic Text Summarization Using Fuzzy Logic

§  Dr. D. P. Mandal, Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta (From May 2010)

o   Studied Extraction and Abstraction based techniques for text summarization

o   Studied comparison of automatic text summarizers with human generated summaries for scoring

o   Implemented an automatic summary generator using extraction based fuzzy set

·         Application of Particle Swarm Optimization in Positioning of Wireless Access Points

§  Dr. U. K. Roy, Jadavpur Univiersity (February-May 2010)

o   Studied Various Techniques (e.g. Genetic Algorithm, PSO, Ant Colony Optimization) to solve (approximately) np-complete problems

o   Studied concepts of tessellation, triangulation, graph connectivity

o   Developed a Java program to implement these constraints and find an optimized positioning of wireless access points

·         Removing Hazards in assembly code using minimum no. of stalls in pipelined CPU architecture

§  Dr. Ansuman Roy, Jadavpur University (April 2009)

o   Studied operation of assembly code in pipelined CPU architecture

o   Studied and optimized use of NOP to remove stalls

o   Optimized re-ordering of code to reduce running time.

·         Designing a cross-platform media player using Gstreamer and GTK

§  Self-initiative (Nov 2008-Jan 2009)

o   Developed the back-end of the media player using Gstreamer framework supporting both UNIX and Windows environment

o   Developed the GUI using GTK to maintain portability

o   Included support for Album Art, ID3 tags and Playlist with Recent and Favorite songs


Extra-Curricular Activities:

·         Computer Gaming

o   Winner of NFS: Most Wanted in SRIJAN ‘09 (Jadavpur University)

o   Winner of NFS: Carbon in EDGE ‘09 (Techno India)

o   Selected as Beta tester for NFS: World launched in 2010

o   Also participated and won in various tech fests in other colleges

·         Photography

o   Active member of Jadavpur University Photography Club

·         Coordinator of SRIJAN ‘10

o   Coordinated the event C-THRU at SRIJAN, Jadavpur University’s annual Tech Fest, working in a team of 6 members

o   Actively participated in planning and managing the event

o   Set the questions and developed an online examination system to evaluate the participants

o   Came up with innovative ideas for online publicity to increase the popularity of the event



·         Prof. Samiran Chattopadhaya

Head of Department

Department of Information Technology

Jadavpur University, Kolkata


·         Dr. Uttam K. Roy

Associate Professor

Department of Information Technology

Jadavpur University, Kolkata




I hereby declare that all the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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