About Me

I have been born and brought up in kolkata, West Bengal, India. My first brush with computers happened when I was in class 2 or 3. I still remember the amazement, the awe and the love I felt that day. I typed my own name in notepad and was thrilled. I doodled around a bit in paint, on my own found out how to change wallpapers and screensavers (everybody was like jeez! How did you do that!) and so on. And the feelings have not been washed away yet.

A few days later, I was introduced to my first game, Roadrash. From that very day, I have been hooked to games. Since then, I have grown up on a healthy (my parents say very very unhealthy) diet of FPS, TPS, Racing, and what not. Of course, I have my favourites, listed here.

I have always enjoyed planning and assembling custom rigs for me and my friends. The challenge of finding the best configuration within limited budget, the searching and comparing benchmarks and chancing upon great deals always made me smile. And the best part is of course when I press the start button and the machine boots with a satisfying hum and a beep. A great website for hardware benchmarking and news is Tom's Hardware.

My inner geek is always ready with suggestions about tech problems. I have always been the guy to ask for help when something goes wrong. Nothing lights up my face more than looking at other peoples failed attempts, and showing them how to do it. You can find some of my favorite softwares here. And here are some sites that may make your day!

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