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Meet Sourav Chakraborty, A friendly Geek from India.

I am a Software Engineer at Yahoo! India working mostly on PHP and Javascript along with some HTML and CSS. I graduated in Information Technology from Jadavpur University, a top ranked engineering institute in India. It is great working in a company which provided me my first web, search engine and email experience (Yahoo! came much earlier than Google and I started my internet life with IE6 and Yahoo!) and enrich the digital life of millions of people around the world.

I have been interested in computers in general and gaming in particular from a very young age. My favorite childhood hobby was breaking down things to see how the parts fit together to work in unison, and now the "things" have changed from toys, clocks and such stuff to softwares. My current interests include disassembling and decompilers. Of course, I have worked on other areas too, like Particle Swarm Optimization and Text Summarization and also tried my hand in game modding.

Check out the links to know more about me, my study, work, hobbies and other stuff that you may like. Also, here is my resume, if you are interested.